The finality of death rests on the assumption that life is something other than

Conceived from the surreal world between the two extremes, LAZARAS
erupted as a testament to a love of horror movies and music.  Citing
influences including Black Sabbath, the Misfits, Iron Maiden, Alice Cooper,
and the Ramones, the band sought to incorporate their love of death and
violence with their love of guitar-driven, aggressive music.

The result is a band that adds a unique flavor to horror punk.  The diverse
taste and background of the members are reflected in their debut EP.  The
songs range from short assaults to extended poundings, from punk to metal,
from light-hearted horror to eye-gouging terror.

A love for the dead carries over into their stage show.  Charles, Darrell, and
Jon bring the horrors of the crypt to the stage with every show they play,
complete with ghoulish imagery, larger-than-life props, and the musical fury
of a trio of demons.  There can be no doubt that LAZARAS genuinely loves
to scare the hell out of an audience.
Chuck - guitar, vocals
Brother D - vocals, bass
Jon - drums, vocals

Booking Contact:
May Fleming

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 238344
Cocoa, FL  32923
Music Files

1.  I'm Gone
This song is from the CD Dead Chicks Can't Say No

1.  Nightmare in a Rotting Brain
2.  Buried in my Backyard
These songs are from the CD My Dead Girlfriend
Set list may include:

Dead By Dawn
Horror High
They’re Coming For Me
The Return
Love at First Fright
Vampire Bride
I’m Gone
Euphoric Plague
I’ll Break Your Skull
Buried in My Backyard
Bend You Break You
I Don’t Want You Around
The Trooper
Durango 95
Psycho Therapy
Pet Sematary
Dig Up Her Bones
Last Caress
My Dead Girlfriend
Slaughter High

and occasionally a very fast cover of Surrender by
Cheap Trick

The set list is always changing so the songs listed
above are by no means definitive.
A note on professionalism:

We strive to be the absolute best at what we do.  We are always
happy to perform and are willing to work with any club or facility.  
We don't have rock star attitudes nor do we make unreasonable
demands.  We show up when we are supposed to and we do not
cancel shows.  Lazaras gives 110% at each and every gig.
Do you have questions about who we are or what
we do?  E-mail Chuck:

(I'm always up for a Mosrite discussion.)