Nightmare in a Rotting Brain
The Return
Buried In My Backyard
They're Coming For Me
Euphoric Plague
Vampire Bride
My Dead Girlfriend
You Broke My Heart I'll Break Your Skull
Hell Raiser
Dead Chicks Can't Say No
All In My Head
Ghost of Gettysburg
Tears of Blood
I'm Gone
This Hell My Life
Buried In My Backyard
Bend You Break You
Life Sucks When You're Already Dead
I Hate You
It All Works Out For Me
FLESHEATERS! compilation - 2007
Check out Lazaras on the FLESHEATERS! compilation from 1332
Records.  The album also includes songs from: AOC,
BaptizedXFire, Bovalexia, Constant State of Terror, Meinhof,
Enchanted Faeries, Evil Octopus, Exussum, Hummingbird of Death,
Low Fat, The Lurking Corpses, Maximum RNR, Slapenehonden,
The Contra, The Warblinkers, The Whorrorz, Malicious Damage,
Manville, Wilson St., AGOS, Cestus, The Cobra Skulls, The Casket
Chronicle, Blitzkid, The Defending Cruiserweight Champions and
The Murders.  

Visit 1332 Records to buy the album for only $5.00.
Ramones Tribute - 2008

Psycho Therapy
Bop 'Til You Drop
Take The Pain Away
Pet Sematary
My Manson Family
I Don't Want You Around
My Dead Girlfriend - 2004
Dead Chicks Can't Say No - 2006
Boney Fiend (Tracks 1-8):
Exit 13
Dracula Has Risen From The Grave
Werewolf By Night
(We're A) Drinking Band
Totally Ghoul
Starship Enterprise
Zombie's Lament
Lazaras (Tracks 9-16):
Nightmare In A Rotting Brain
Boney Fiend
Broken, Bruised, And Born to Lose
Graveyard Girl
Jackin' My Way Across the USA
I Hope You Die (A Love Song)
Punk Rock's Golden Years
Dead Chicks & Draft Beer - 2012
split with Boney Fiend
Other Releases
Merry Flippin' Christmas - 2011

Up On The House Top - Lazaras
Deck The Halls - Lazaras
Silent Night - Red Soda
Zombie Christmas - Lazaras
First Day Of Christmas/Mistletoe Belt Buckle/Christmas Sucks - Skurvy the Clown
Jolly Old Saint Nicholas - Lazaras
Jingle Bells - Lazaras
I'd Rather Be Alone Than Spend Christmas With You - Lazaras
We Wish You A Merry Christmas - Red Soda and the Zombie Chorus
Merry Flippin' Christmas 2 - 2013

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen - Lazaras
All I Want for Christmas is a Mosrite Guitar - Lazaras
Deck the Halls - Braineaters and Lazaras
Joy to the World - Skurvy the Clown
Silent Knight - Boney Fiend
Let's Put the X in Xmas - Skurvy the Clown
Christmas in Florida - Red Soda
I'd Rather be Alone than Spend Christmas with You (Acoustic) - Lazaras
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (Vol. 4 Version) - Lazaras
They're Not Joking: A Tribute To Dead Serios - 2015

1. Butterbean Queen - Skurvy the Clown
2. Pizza Face - Nightfall
3. Harbor City - Ty Oglesby  
4. No More Pipe for Potato Head - Katty Shack  
5. Rosemary's Baby Was Framed - Joey Image (with Chuck Lazaras
and Brother D)
6. Bad Luck - The Glitter Döllz  
7. Ranks of the Unemployed - Digisex Gimp  
8. Dead Under the Tree - Lazaras  
9. People Need Ozzy - Fretless Rock  
10. Buster's Got a Booger  - Dead Serios
Lazaras -- EP 2001

"I've never wanted to get to church quicker in my life than when I heard this record."
-- Chris Long, Brevard Live

Track Listing:  Dead by Dawn, The Return, Horror High, They're Coming For Me,
Slaughter High, Dirge

Chuck's Thoughts -- This is the first EP.  We've change quite a bit since this album
was recorded.