Chuck in character as Leonard Geezer.

Simply put, Chuck is crazy about guitars. Truth be told, he’s just plain crazy. Dig these pics of a few of his prized “babies.”

LEFT: When he’s feeling particularly chipper, Chuck enjoys crushing skulls with his 2014 sunburst Epiphone “Les Paul.”
CENTER: ESP/LTD EC-256 (year unknown)
RIGHT: Chuck has owned this Kramer Striker since 1999. Referred to affectionately¬†as “Old Boy,” it’s his go-to “weapon of choice” both onstage AND in the studio.

LEFT: Chuck bought this (unofficial) “Johnny Ramone Model” Mosrite way back in 2006. He had to mow a million lawns to scrape up the scratch, but Chuck says it was well worth the effort.
CENTER: Reportedly made only in 2001, Chuck scored this “Ace Frehley Model” Les Paul when was feeling “spacey” back in 2016.
RIGHT: Chuck loves his “70s Tribute Model” Les Paul.

LEFT: The 2017 G&L ASAT is one of the crown jewels of Chuck’s incredible collection.
CENTER: Feather-light, this 2017 Gibson M-2 is a fan favorite.
RIGHT: One of his newer guitars, Chuck usually breaks out this 2020 “65 Custom” Hallmark when he wants to impress the chicks.