His parents were worried. His neighbors — annoyed. They still are. A child of the ’70s, Chuck Lazaras was that weirdo down the street — the crazed, long-haired Florida kid consumed by superhero comics, horror movies and brash rock and roll.

During those shag-covered days of muscle cars, mood rings and Evel Knievel, Chuck craved the macabre anthems of Alice Cooper, the blood-spitting theatrics of KISS and the golden god swagger of Van Halen. Inspired by Tony Iommi’s frenzied riffs and Rick Nielsen’s infectious hooks, Chuck soon began playing guitar and writing songs. And in no time, he’d launched his own local garage band.

As a hopelessly “distracted” teenager in the ’80s, Chuck skipped school frequently — riding his bike to the neighborhood record shop in order to score the latest LPs from the Ramones, Dead Serios and the Misfits on the very first day of release.

By the ’90s, Chuck was rising to a place of prominence on the underground Florida music scene — founding, fronting and playing guitar in such bands as Lazaras and Skurvy the Clown.

Today, he’s recognized as an established go-to guitar guru — an in-demand live hired gun and studio session player. Equally, he’s acknowledged as a songwriting collaborator and producer on an array of projects for various artists.

Currently, Chuck not only carries on with his longtime band, Lazaras, he plays for the celebrated Tampa-based punk combo, Boney Fiend, while also serving as the guitarist and musical director for former Dead Serios frontman, DL Serios.

Look for Chuck’s debut solo record, 1971 — arriving May 13, 2022.