Lazaras -- EP 2001

"I've never wanted to get to church quicker in my life than when I heard this record."
-- Chris Long, Brevard Live

Track Listing:  Dead by Dawn, The Return, Horror High, They're Coming For Me,
Slaughter High, Dirge

Chuck's Thoughts -- This is the first EP.  We've change quite a bit since this album
was recorded.
Lazaras -- My Dead Girlfriend  (2005)

Track Listing: Nightmare in a Rotting Brain, The Return, Buried In My Backyard,
They're Coming For Me, Euphoric Plague, Vampire Bride, My Dead Girlfriend

Chuck's Thoughts -- Fun Horror Punk.  With the addition of Jon on the skins, Lazaras
truly became the band my brother and I had envisioned.  Our kindred spirits, and our
love of horror movies, show on this seven song cd.
Lazaras -- Dead Chicks Can't Say No (2006)

Track Listing: You Broke My Heart I'll Break Your Skull, Hell Raiser, Dead Chicks Can't
Say No, All In My Head, Ghost of Gettysburg, Tears of Blood, I'm Gone, This Hell My
Life, Buried In My Backyard, Bend You Break You, Life Sucks When You're Already
Dead, I Hate You, It All Works Out For Me
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