The story of Ghoul Tone
After years of tours, roadie work, merch stands
and trying to wash that weird duct tape residue
off of our hands from stage gear, we've decided
to officially open up shop to share our knowledge
with you, the musician to get your project
finished. Whether you are trying to get an album
together, promoting your music online, or maybe
just tyring to get some t-shirts and merchandise
together for your next gig, call on us to help out.

We will provide up front, honest pricing and are
happy to talk with you about your music goals to
find the best solution to realizing your vision.

Ghoul Tone is an independent music label.  We've
had plenty of experience with live shows, tours,
album production, and merchandise.  We can
create merchandise for you from artwork to
finished shirts, buttons, posters and promotional
items to make an impression on your audience.  
We will promote your band and help in anyway
we can to get your music out there.

---Ghoul Tone